Thursday, 17 May 2012

That was unexpected...

So, my time with Robert at Queenston Heights didn't really go as planned; don't get me wrong, I still had a good time for the most part, but it was at the end where shit really started to freak me out. 

Robert picked me up around noon and we headed right there after grabbing some fast food; I shouldn't even be eating it since I'm trying to lose some weight, but whatever - it's not every day that I go out with a friend now in my life. We got there around 12:45 and spent about 3 hours just walking around and enjoying the sights. 

It's a pretty place - very open but also, it has that feeling of security due to the woods. I dunno, I've always found wooded areas to be safe and welcoming to me - some people may not like them, but I do; probably because I spent so much time in there as a kid; playing, exploring, trying to eat bugs - some of them tasted like chicken as far as I can recall, but that's another story - and so, we stayed a while, as I said. 

We talked about a lot of stuff, from school(Robert goes to school with me - I think he's taking mechanical engineering or something like that) to girlfriends to of course, his sister. He always bugs me about how I still love Lillith and want to go back out with her, and how he can help; of course, he can't help, but he thinks he can - so I encourage him, subtly; don't want to hurt his feelings or what have you. 

But it was as we were getting ready to leave that something really strange happened. We got back into his car and the next thing I knew he started talking to me about something. It sounded serious as his voice got really shaky and he just looked really...frightened, I'd say. I've never seen him that scared before in my life. 

From what I remember, the conversation went something like this: 

Robert: So, that thing I wanted to tell you...

Me: Uh-huh, what was it? I don't think you brought me all the way out here to catch up on me banging your sister. (Laughs)

Robert: Yeah, no...I've been reading your blog and looking at stuff and it-well..makes sense. Whatever you're into with that note and whatever, it's followed me home. 

Me: What are you talking about? I've got one note a while ago and nothing since. It was probably some idiot playing a prank on me - or at the very least, someone with a LOT of free time on their hands. I wouldn't worry. 

Robert: I've been having nightmares, dreams, whatever the fuck they are...about trees. Forests that are dark. And there's this....voice. It calls to me. Tells me to come to it - to not resist and to embrace it. It pulls at my head, dude. And it wants me...

Me: ...I say this as your friend; Are you sure you aren't hitting some of the happy juice? 

Robert: No! I'm not crazy or drunk, dude! This shit is happening to me. I-I forget where I am sometimes, I wake up not in my bedroom - The only way I can keep this shit from not getting to me is this. 

(It's at this point Robert pulled out a regular looking notebook. He opened it and revealed dozens of pages, with all this writing on it. I tried to get a shot of it with my phone but he refused to let me. All I saw was page after page of writing that included drawings of what looked like trees as well as a stick figure or something. The words included "HESEES" "TREES", "LIESLIES LIES" "DREAMS OF THEPAST DARKNESS COMES" - words that made no sense in the context of the Robert I knew.) 

Me: What the hell is this? Did you do all this? 

Robert: Yeah. It's almost like a compulsion. After the dreams started and wouldn't stop, I felt like I was going to lose my mind. I found writing in this helped ease the headaches at least. 

Me: But what does it all mean? It seems like a bunch of random words...

Robert: That's the thing! I don't know! They feel like they have meaning to me, or something. Even with this though, the voice still calls out to me. Wants me to come to "the place of the past" - whatever the hell that means. 

I'm afraid, dude. 

Me: ...I don't know what to say. Do your parents and Lillith know?

Robert: No. I can't say anything to them. I just can't. 

Me: Keep your head up. We'll figure this out, I promise. 

He then went fully silent and we didn't speak all the way home. 

I know what this means. You all know what this means. Those drawings - notebooks, the dreams...

Robert is not a practical joker. He wouldn't do this just to fuck around. This is really scaring him - and scaring me. It's why this post took me a while to write up. 

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