Sunday, 27 May 2012

Heading out for Queenston Heights

The OPP found Robert's car at the parking lot near Queenston Heights. 

They're beginning a massive search of the forest area(it's massive) later today. I'll be joining the officers and the other volunteers. We'll be starting at the Brock Monument and combing our way throughout. 

I had a hunch that Queenston Heights was a possibility; in his notebook, Robert seems to mention over and over again the words "THEPOINT".

Now, I don't know if it's related - judging by the fact they found his car there, it probably is - but "The Point" is an area deep inside the forest around there that we used as a hang out spot for years. 

Still did, up until last year when the trail leading there was closed off. We called it "The Point" because it was topped by a rock laying so one of the edges was facing up; and it was a sharp edge for a rock. 

We spent a lot of time there as younger kids, especially during high school - it's where Lillith and I first hooked up(outdoor sex is the best sex). 

Anyway, we have a lead at least. The forest itself is massive, but we have a lot of volunteers to comb the area. As I said, I'll be one of them. It could take days to search the whole forest, but when I get the chance I'll try to write something up. This blog is sort of becoming a "haven" for all the shit going on in my life. I dunno but in a weird, morbid way, I feel better when I write about all this so you people can read it. 

I hope we find him. Robert, if you're out there - hold on. We're comin', buddy. 

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