Wednesday, 23 May 2012

fuck fuck fuck

Robert's missing. 

Shit shit shit shit shit 

His mother called me this morning(not afternoon...duh) asking me if he was with me the last two nights as he hasn't been home. 

Naturally I hadn't seen him; I had assumed that he was at home. She told me she called all over but no one has seen him. 

His parents called the police, but of course we have to wait 72 hours before they can begin a search. His car is gone, so it'll need to be a big search. 

I just can't believe this. I last spoke to him Monday night - though, I should have seen it coming. He was getting much worse. He told me that the notebook didn't help and that "He" was showing Robert things that were uncomprehending in our plane of existence. I don't know what the fuck that means(and I don't want to know), but it was clear that his sanity was fading fast. He told me that soon, "He will send for me and I will go because it is better to die then live under His thumb". 

Fuck. Lillith is coming down from university to both be with her family and help in the search - when there is one. I'll be there too to help, but....I just can't believe this. 

I feel so guilty. Why Robert? He's done nothing to no one. He's a good kid, a good friend...he and I have been through so much. 

I'm going to do what I can to find him. Whatever it takes - I don't care now. 

I'll be spending the night at his house with Lillith and his parents - they say I can look through his room and see what I can find. I'll be taking the fucking notebook, that's for sure - I have to see what he wrote down. There might be something in the crazy scribblings that can help us find him. 

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