Thursday, 10 May 2012

Good News + facts of the day

Good morning once again, Internet.

I do have some good news to start off the day - my leg is better. I just put some ice on it and it seemed to heal up quite nicely overnight. As such, I'll be able to get out and snap some pictures today hopefully. Though, I am baby-sitting a relative's dog so I'll have to go out when it wants to go out, but that won't stop me, hopefully.

Today is again a sunny day, which, although not my favourite kind of day(I find the sun gives too much glare when taking pictures, not to mention it dries out soil if you want to take any samples.), it'll do rather nicely for picture taking at least - sun may be bad, but rain is worse, let me tell you...

Other then getting out and taking pictures, I really have no plans for today. But, here are 3 Tree-Facts for today - I decided to cut down from 5 to 3 since I didn't want to run out of interesting facts too soon, so I'm always thinking about you guys(That's a lie, but whatever.).


1. Having a healthy tree on your property can increase it's value by up to 27%, while a dead tree or rotted branches can actually decrease it's value. That's a tid-bit to you home-owners; keep your trees healthy and you'll get more money! And more money is always good.

2. One tree can provide a single day's oxygen supply for four people - pretty neat, considering so many people just like chopping them down.

3. A tree branch is not actually attached to the rest of the tree. It is held in place by a series of interlocking "collars". Collars overlap and mesh to form a tight woven pattern of tissue. Pretty interesting, if I do say so myself - I always thought branches were attached to the main part of the tree; even I can be proven wrong, folks. 

(Facts curtsey of, yet another excellent website I have book-marked for easy reference.)

So, there are your 3 facts for today, and I shall be heading out to snap some shots later on this afternoon. 

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