Thursday, 10 May 2012

Late photos, again..

I do apologize for today's delay. That dog is damned near impossible to please. Barking, whining, yipping, and so on. Though, there is good news - I did manage to get out after it left and snap some shots for you folks. 

Was a bit later then I expected to snap them, but I find that the shade gives a good balance to nature itself - too much sun really ruins the chance at getting a good, well-placed shot.  I should point out that some of these shots are again, not of trees(due to the limited amount nearby), but of some flowers that are growing both around my apartment as well as ones that are on sale at a local variety store just down the street from here. 

Tomorrow I think I'll head out to my spot(It's an area in my apartment's driveway where I like to stand and think; naturally, it's by a few trees.) and plan out some locations I'd like to visit and grab some shots and soil samples from(Though, that won't be posted here - again, privacy reasons).  But, until then, enjoy these pictures - and for those of you living in the northern hemisphere, have a good night. 

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