Saturday, 12 May 2012

A fun outing

First of all, I have to apologize for not posting sooner. I've been back home for a few hours now, but I was so tired when I got in that I promptly fell asleep for about...6 hours. Needless to say, my mother was not amused. Ah well, she can live with it. 

So, Robert and I had fun. We went to the Chinese place as expected and ate a ton of food(all you can eat buffets, eat your hearts out), a ton more food and then a bit more food. Spent about 40 bucks for both of us; not bad, considering we downed about 8 plates of food each. Yes, we're pigs; haters can hate - this ain't no health and fitness blog. 

Then we went driving a bit; it's a fun thing to do when you want to clear your head and just talk. We reminisced about the past(we've known each other about 6 years now) and he brought me up to speed on his family, especially on Lillith(Lillith is his sister, and my ex-girlfriend. We split amicably, but she left for Waterloo to attend university last year and I haven't spoken to her since. 

Tell the truth, Internet - I've never really gotten over her. Robert knows, and he bugs me about it non-stop. 

Robert told me how he knows about my blog - he found it by accident, he says(Yeah, right..I bet he tracked it down, ha) and he think it's pretty interesting. He's as stumped as I am about the note - as no anagram scrambler came back with anything more then "E Cool" - useless pieces of crap, if you ask me. 

As I mentioned, he talked about Lillith - how he's worried about her. I really wouldn't disclose this over a blog, but since it concerns where she is, I should; there've been a few seemingly random break-ins and vandalism in the residence hall she's staying. I guess Campus Police are really trying to find out who's been doing it, but they are, as always, useless - so they have no leads. 

Though if I know Lillith, she's probably having a great time - see, she thrived off of chaos. Part of the reason why we broke up, actually - on one of our first dates, we had to drive past the home of her ex-boyfriend and - I shit you not - she got out of her car, took out a pack of tomatoes she had in the back(I have no idea why to this day) and threw them at his house. 

Needless to say, I still laugh pretty bad when I bring that up. 

Anyhow, today's been good. Got to catch up with a good friend, hear about how my ex is doing, and eat some great food. And as such, I've hardly done any work with that note. Oh well - as the Internet says, "haters gonna hate". 

On another note, I tried to upload those photos I took the other day, but they were corrupted. Oh well - it was only a picture or two of some flowers that I thought were neat. And also; sorry for missing your Tree Facts for today - I'll post 6 tomorrow to make up for the lack of them this time. 

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