Friday, 1 June 2012

Autopsy Report

No, I'm not going into graphic detail here for you people. 

The ME called Robert's family into the morgue. Since I wasn't family, I had to wait outside, but they briefed me in full when they came out. 

This is where it gets really fucking weird. 

According to the ME:

-Robert's been dead about 6-8 hours judging by the body temperature.

-There were markings on Robert's hands and feet, indicating he was bound somewhere before he was killed. The ME couldn't identify what kind of markings it was though; he did say it was "too smooth to be rope".

-There were no markings or injuries to his body other than the impalement on the tree. Yes, you heard me. Someone - or something - got Robert's organs OUT of his body with surgical precision(according to the ME) without a fucking scratch on him. 

-What's worse, the ME believes that Robert was ALIVE while his organs were being removed. 

What kind of sick fuck does that? No, I'm wrong - what kind of sick fuck CAN DO what was done to Robert? You can't just remove someone's organs without making some kind of a mark on his body. That's just not fucking possible. Naturally, the ME has ruled Robert's death "homicide via unknown methods". 

Well, I should say - it shouldn't be possible, but...with what I know, I'd say it's plenty possible. 

I'm going to be staying with Robert's family for the next week or so as they adjust to all this shit - it's the least I can do. 

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