Thursday, 14 June 2012

Still alive + dreams

It's just me. I'm sorry about the delay - nothing's happened, I assure you. 

There's not been much activity on my end, aside from my dreams. I should have blogged about it sooner, considering it's been going on almost non-stop since I put up the last entry here. 

It's funny. Most nights they're vague - I can barely remember them. The funny thing is the sense of dread I get. This isn't like the old night terrors about giant bugs I used to get - fuck, I hated those - this is like pure terror. At what? I don't know. As I said, I don't remember most of the dreams - or if I do, they fade after I wake up. 

I get the feeling my dreams are the start of what happened to Robert - he told me that he was having dreams. What I didn't say is that he said they started as jumbles, just like mine are right now. I don't know - I haven't had any compulsion to write in a notebook, though, so for that I'm thankful - I don't have a notebook to write in, even if I wanted to. 

Still, it's unsettling that these dreams just came on like that. 

If anything does happen - or if I remember anything about these dreams - I'll put an entry up, I promise. 

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