Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nothing yet

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks - it's been quiet here. Too quiet. 

I've been busying myself with more video games while I wait for anything to happen - needless to say, the anxiety of all this has made my doctor increase the dose of my anti-anxiety medications(yes, I take pills. Who cares?). 

Though - the paranoia is starting to get annoying, with or without the meds. It seems to be constant - as if I know something is coming for me. The notes are giving me "warnings", to what I don't know - and I've already gotten two. I'm starting to think a third warning wouldn't be very good for me or my family. I guess on a lead off from the "something is coming for me" bit, I constantly feel like I'm being watched by someone. I'd like to think the note taker has fucked off back to wherever it is they go, but - I just get the feeling they're outside my apartment, looking to see what my next move is. 

I've been out there to confront them, but there's no one there. Every time I'm inside, I feel it, but when I go outside, there's nothing there at all. 

I'm either:

A) Losing my mind, which seems the most likely scenario at this point. Who wouldn't start to show signs of mental instability when you've seen your best friend dissected and impaled at the top of a tree, his organs put in bags scattered around the fucking branches like Christmas ornaments? 

B) Actually being watched. Which - disturbingly enough - also seems likely. I just can't shake the feeling that he's out there, taunting me. I know it might seem irrational, but - I never really say no to my hunches. 

I'll keep waiting. I have to. I have nothing else to go on at this point other then two cryptic notes and a paranoid feeling. Oh, this will end so well...

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