Monday, 25 June 2012

Heading to Lillith's tomorrow

I  got a call this afternoon from Bryan, Lillith's boyfriend. He told me that he needs to go back to Waterloo for some family stuff or what not - and he's asked me to come over and look after Lillith to make sure everything stays okay with her. 

According to him, Lillith's gone downhill since I was last over there. She refuses to eat or drink anything but water and stale bread and spends all her time looking out the window. According to Bryan, she's attacked him on several occasions in a near-crazed state, claiming that "the weaver" was coming to get her. 

If this "weaver" is Mr Slim, then we're in trouble. 

Bryan also says that she's keeping a notebook, just like Robert. 

Great. Fucking great. I don't want to see her go down this road. Not again. Oh God, not again. 

Her parents are just kind of ghosts. They hardly leave their bedroom except to eat or use the washroom. So, basically, it is just her. Which is why I need to be over there - if Lillith is falling fast then someone needs to be there to help her. 

I'm going to see if I can do something. Anything for her - I won't lose her like I lost Robert. 

I know I shouldn't, but I need to ask her some questions as well. About all of this - if I can find out anything about what she's seen, it might help me in understanding my dreams - I hope. I know that she's suffering, but it may be the only hope I've got to attempting to fix this, or at least understanding it a bit more. 

I'll probably update you when I've settled there tomorrow afternoon. 

I've never been one to ask for best wishes, but if you people out there on the Internet can give them, I'll need as many wishes as you can muster. 


  1. Best wishes are hard to come by these days, Mr. Smith. But I'll send you my few to give-- you and Lillith are good people.

  2. Thank you, Lucia.

    I'm still packing my stuff as I don't leave until after lunch, but I'm just scared.

  3. You should be scared. Fear will keep you quick. Smith, this is going to become worse. Much worse. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.