Saturday, 23 June 2012


From the title, as you can probably tell, dinner didn't go as planned. 

We had a good supper, mind you, but it was when we got home - about an hour ago, now - that we had a problem. 

As we came into the apartment(we live in the basement floor, so we had to go down stairs), I saw someone -leaving- the apartment, wearing my blue flannel coat(it's light, so I wear it even in the summer. Yes, I wear a coat in the summer. Shut up.). Naturally, I gave chase after this person - and shit, could he run. 

I chased him down probably  half the street before I had to give up because of my back giving out on me(almost had him too, which pissed me off).

I didn't manage to see much of anything on him while giving chase - I was more concerned with keeping up with him, but I noticed that he(I presume it was a he) was wearing black jeans which were very tattered and old-looking. 

So, I had a thief steal my -coat- of all things wearing old jeans. I get the feeling this is unrelated - we've searched the house top to bottom and found no new notes or anything else. 

Either way, I thought it would make an amusing entry. 

Shame about my coat. I rather liked it. Poor Lillith is going to be heartbroken - she loved that coat. 


  1. Jeez...I'm sorry to hear about your coat, Mr. Smith. At least that's all he took.

    Though I'm not judging you for wearing it in the summer, haha. Lately I've been bumming it in my fiance's overcoat. Summer weather be damned!

  2. I hear you on that one!

    It's been ever since I was about eight years old - right about the time I stayed out too long in the sun and got a really really bad sunburn. Since then, I hate going outside with nothing covering my shoulders/neck.

    Luckily for me, I have the same kind of coat in a black version. So, no big loss other then sentimental reasons.

  3. reasons are a tiny bit less practical, but.

    A sentimental loss is still an important one. I'm sure you'd rather he have taken the black one than the blue one, yes?

  4. Oh yes. But beggars can't be choosers, admittedly. At least I almost caught him - though I can't ask the police to intervene in "the case of the 25 dollar bargin-basement coat".

    Ah well - a few friends are keeping their eyes out down where the thief ran.

  5. That would have been rather scary, but at least they just took a coat.

    I hope you figure out more about your dreams.

  6. So do I, Jonathan - but at least the past 2 days were refreshing diversions from all of it. Didn't have any strange dreams that night or yesterday.