Monday, 4 June 2012

World of Strange Note-Craft

So, I got home about 15 minutes ago. And guess what I found on my front door....

Yep, that's right. This fucker is back. It was pinned there for who knows how long, but because of what was written on the back, I'm starting to think that this person somehow knew about where I was and what I was doing - however that's possible. After I got inside, I asked my parents if they had seen anything strange while I was gone. They said that no, they hadn't. 

I took the note into my room and examined it again. Here are the contents: 

This one's actually written in plain English, up until the end. I'm surprised. I've transcribed it below so you guys can see it better as I know my phone camera isn't of the best quality: 

"How does it feel TREEMAN? 

You arE still too closE. Your 

friEnd RobErt was also too closE 

and look at him now. 


I have no idea what the fuck this means, or how he knows anything about Robert. I've only told my parents and Robert's close friends. Though, at this point, this fucker could be anyone. I shouldn't be so angry but why now? I'm in mourning, my best friend is dead, the government's taken an interest in his murder and now I'm getting creepy-ass notes from the same idiot who hasn't' bothered me in over a month? What the hell, man? 

But the note itself isn't what creeped me out. It was the back which got me: 

Yep. "WELCOME HOME". Which means this guy knew when I would be home and when would be best to deliver it to me. Great. 

The only thing strange about the writing, aside from the gibberish, was that all the e's were capitalized in some weird fashion, with an extra long "stick". I don't know if that means anything or it's just a quirk of the asshole, but whatever. 

It looks like I won't get to grieve for Robert properly without having to worry about this again. Fuck....

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