Friday, 22 June 2012

Dream Analysis

I'm still sick today but I felt that I owed you guys this, so here is my dream analysis from the night of June 19th, 2012 - I wrote most of this down immediately after I woke up, so most of it was probably fresh in my mind at the time. I've tried to write it down word-for-word from the notebook it was in, so this is going to be a transcription, I suppose: 

"I remember I was in a wooded area. There were trees all over, like I was deep in or something. The thing I remember most is the silence - there were no birds, no insects, nothing - it was just dead silent. It was a dark night and there was no moon. Or at least I couldn't see the moon from the clouds, and that scared me a lot.

I heard someone's voice calling from the woods. It was a...sweet, almost haunting melodic voice. I remember it was calling me to walk into the brush, so I did. As I walked through the forest, I noticed how there were bags and bags everywhere on all the trees. The same bags that we found Robert's organs in. Except that there were dozens, if not hundreds of them, spread out throughout the forest. It was un nerving.

As I followed the voice it got louder and louder until it lead me to a small outcropping, a rock with the point facing up - the point, it was leading me back to the point.

And there I saw it...well, whatever it was. 

It was like a man, but not. this was no regular man. if I had to guess, he would have been roughly eight or nine feet tall, as he towered over myself and the rocks. I remember as I got closer to him I felt a sense of...wrongness. as if we both didn't belong where we were. 

Then he turned around. The face was empty - there was nothing there. No eyes, no nose, or a mouth. Just a blank nothingness. I also saw he was wearing a black business suit, just like Robert said about "a man in a suit with no face". 

And the tentacles. They were at his back, at least eight of them, maybe more. they were hideous long black appendages. they wriggled around as if excited by my presence. After that it started to speak. This is all I remember: 

'I know you. 

and soon, you will know me.'

then I woke up with a start, sweat all over my face." 

....And that's that. 

I don't know where to start. The bags I know, since that's exactly how we found Robert. The Point,  I don't know - it meant something to Robert as he wrote that in his notebook, but...why should I be there? I liked going there but not enough to spend as much time there as Robert did. Is there some connection there I'm missing? 

And as for our friend there, it seems by this dream, if it's not all just my mind playing tricks on me, that he's taking an interest in me. What that means - well, I'll have to see. It can't be any worse then the stuff going on now. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go lay down. This headache is driving me insane. 


  1. Jeez....I don't want to be the one to tell you the facts on all of this. =| I'll just....I'll wish you luck, Mr. Smith. That's the best I can do for you.

  2. It's appreciated, all the same.

    At least someone reads all of this so it gives me pause to think that there are others, heh.

  3. Hey, reading is what I do~. It's just about all I can do, honestly. And if something as small as that helps-- well then, I'll keep tabs on you.

  4. It's appreciated at any rate.

    Parents and I are going out to dinner tonight. At least I'll have a night where I'm not picking apart this shit.