Friday, 15 June 2012

Seems the feds missed something!

Your favorite blogger here. 

Yesterday, I went over to Robert's house because Lillith called me. She said she had something that I would want to see. 

I didn't know what she would have meant, but I decided to go. 

It turns out, the CSIS agents missed a page of Robert's notebook. Lillith said that she found it while cleaning out Robert's closet - it seems that he ripped it out and threw it in there. It was pretty crumbled up and missing parts of it, but it seemed to have been there for a while - it was hidden under a pile of old clothes. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Robert was trying to hide it. 

That begs two questions, "Why?" and "Who from?". I really don't care about either of them right now, but I took a good look at the page before Lillith wanted it back - rather, she snatched it back. I can see this is getting to her - she looks like she hasn't slept in days. Bryan, her boyfriend, is doing all he can to help her, but he says she's just getting more and more irritable. 

Anyway, as for the page: 

-It was all filled in in black pen, except for the centre. 

-In the centre was a drawing of a BIG ass figure. At least, it looked like a figure. As in, there was a head, but it was like the figure had multiple bodies. Not arms or legs as I could tell. It looked like some kind of spider or crawler - which is just what I need, more night terrors. Thank you, journal page. 

-At the top of the drawing was scribbled the words "HEVISISTSMEALTHETIMENOW I CANT MAKE HIMSTOP". 

....At the bottom? My name. 

It seems like Robert made this picture for me. But why? What does Tall, Dark and Scary have to do with me? Lillith did say Robert talked about seeing "a tall guy with a bunch of arms" outside their house, but no one saw it - not his parents, not Lillith, and certainly not myself. 

And that's the thing. I still haven't seen anything. 

Was this just some kind of supernatural calling out? That shit was, as they say, "going to get real"? If so, fuck you. If not - fuck you. 

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