Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Too easy.

You would assume that someone trying to avoid His control would put better safeguards in place in their home. 

Then again, our friend Sebastian doesn't seem to be the smartest tool in the proverbial shed, as it were. Trust me, fine people of the Internet, I've seen and taken on a LOT more then him and his little girlfriend, I assure you. 

But I jest. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Deadwood, humble servant of The Weaver's will. You may call me "proxy", "indoctrinated", or my favorite, "fucked up shithead" - whichever one suits your personal tastes! 

It was quite easy to circumvent the rather pathetic security system at this house, access Sebastian's laptop and - lo and behold - find the blog logged in and running! Again, if brains translated to computing power, Sebastian would be a TI-82 or worse. 

I just wanted to pop in and show him that he may think Lillith is safe, but she's not. 

No one is safe. Not from Him. I once though that way - I was an officer of the law, and I got too close, attracted His attention and now my purpose is much greater. 

He does inflict pain on us all, but the pain He inflicts is only a taste of His true power. He lifted me up and rebuilt me from the hollow shell I was. He came to me in my dreams and whispered tales of power and strength - and I took it all. I am so much more now then I ever was. 

Now, I believe that Mr. Sebastian is starting to stir, so I should be kindly on my way. 

Ah! Just a message to you, sir: 

The rules are clear. Your little girlfriend's time is coming - but not yet. It'll be at my own choosing. She broke them - and she is now an obstacle blocking my master's real target: 


Kind regards,


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  1. And, not to worry, all of Seb's fans - clueless as you are, he is still alive.

    In fact, I've been here since I wrote that entry. They sleep very well. Much better then I did during my period of resistance.