Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Back early

Got a text message from Lillith around 4 PM saying she wanted me to come back and fast. 

So I did, I got back by 4:30 and found her crying, staring out the living room window. She told me that The Weaver showed up while I was gone and he was "angry" that I was "subverting his control over her(Lillith)". Apparently, if I'm around, Lillith is safe, but when I leave, she gets harmed. 

This complicates things, sadly. It looks like I'll have to stay here indefinitely. 

Been cuddling with her since I got back, so she's calmed down now, thankfully. 

I'll keep her in my sights at all times. 


  1. Can you take her somewhere with you, Mr. Smith?

  2. I'm going to ask my parents if she can move in with us, but I doubt it. We have hardly any room as it is - but I'll take my chances and ask.

  3. Do Lillith's parents know about the Weaver? If they do, it might be worth having a chat with all of them about you two moving out for a while. (If not, it's probably not a good time to tell them.)
    It seems like you've got - dare I say it - some element of control over the Weaver. Has he shown himself to you yet?
    Stay strong and be safe, Smith.

  4. Element of Control? I don't know, I obviously can't control him; if I could, I'd tell him to kindly fuck off back to wherever it came from.

    And we've talked to them about it. They don't believe us as they, like me, still can't see it.

  5. To clarify, I should say that Lillith's mother didn't believe us; she said that a serial killer killed Robert and is stalking Lillith.

    Though, she has been diagnosed with PTSD, so says Lillith, so she's not really reliable for witnessing.

    As for her father, he's a...bit more curious. He's much more willing to believe, and he says that he's "fucking creeped out" by the notebook.