Monday, 2 July 2012

Now that the hangover's gone...

Sorry about last night, folks. 

Allow me to offer a real explanation other then "me drunk" as that last post was. 

Lillith, her parents and I went out to watch some fireworks at a friend of the family's. They happened to have a large quantity of alcohol, and needless to say, we all drank way too much. I know that I wasn't setting the best example by drunk posting, but shit, I'd say we've earned a respite from all this. 

It was nice in a way. Lillith and her parents both were happy. Like they were before all of this started - like they were before Robert died. In a way, it was nice to see them like that - though, the fact it takes getting drunk to do it isn't a good sign. 

As for sober-Lillith - she's doing much better. We've been getting...closer again, and it's almost like it was when we first met - I shouldn't be doing this, but I think she's still attracted to me - just like I still am with her. But she has a boyfriend and I'm not going to be the "other man". But in terms of her health, she's great - she's eating more, being more active and still hasn't written in the notebook since I got here. 

As for the notebook itself - well, you saw the pages. I'll try my best to make my own analysis of them: 

-The main one I pointed out was the stick figure with the words "HE WEAVES", "I LIKE ROBERT" and "NO HOPE". Now, it's clear that the figure is The Weaver - though, from what I saw in my dream, he's not just a black stick man; then again, Lillith has been historically terrible at art(something she admits). It's also got the bags and string coming out of it's back, in place of those tentacles; the bags and string are used to hold organs, like it did with Robert. 

-The next page is just some writing "DREAMS", "THE WAKING IS NOSAFE", and "WHY?". I have to assume that this is just after Lillith started writing in the journal, because it's the one that's the most dry, ink-wise. I know that this Weaver attacks in dreams, but I assume that "the waking is no(t) safe" refers to her seeing it outside her house? I'd bet money that it was the case. 

-After that is the weird tree-drawing; almost mimicking Robert's death. It's like Lillith was there, except the tree didn't look like some kind of oversized testicle. She got it right, otherwise - right down to the bags. 

The words "ROBERT" and "FAMILY YOU NOT WHAT HE WANT NO MORE" are here; I assume Robert is just describing the stick figure of him impaled in the tree, but the one about family; I think it ties into the fact that her parents are getting better at a faster rate then Lillith. I'd guess that The Weaver tried to figure them out and found them lacking or - or something. 

- "HE WANTS THE TREE MAN NOW"; Essentially, now I know I'm being hunted. Wonderful.

-"DEADWOOD PLAYS THE GAME WITH TREE MAN SOON IT WILL BE HIS TURN" and "USELESS WILL I BE" - this is one of the more stranger pages in the notebook; I would have to assume that "DEADWOOD" may be the fucker who was sending me those notes, if so, he's a terrible player as I've not heard a thing from him. 

As for the other statement - well, it's a disturbing implication. What if after this "Game" that I'm playing, Lillith has no more uses for the Weaver and he - does what he did to Robert? I shudder to think but knowing what I do know, it's not an idea too far-fetched. 

-"I WONT LET YOU TAKE HIM FUCK YOU" and "HA HA HA OW"; This seems to be Lillith's way of defying The Weaver. She says that the notebooks are a conduit to relaying it's thoughts, so why wouldn't that work the other way? As in, Lillith can relay her own thoughts back to it if she needs to? I assume by the "OW" that it didn't like that. 

Those are just the pages I put up; there were well over 30+ pages mostly of scribblings that even I couldn't understand that I chose not to upload. 

Now, I need to go see about Lillith; girl has hangovers something fierce. 

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