Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lillith and I

I don't want to say we're officially back together, but she just broke up with Bryan via text message. I kind of feel bad for the poor guy, but since it's obvious he left to get away from Lillith's bad mental state at the time, instead of sticking it out and helping her like a real boyfriend would and should: Fuck him. 

I guess we're giving it another go. In that she's told me that she still cares about me - which honestly, feels good. It gives the heart a warm feeling, especially now that she is seriously on the mend - which she is, by the way. Her trademark "fuck you, I love you" smile is back and it honestly does me good to see it - it's MUCH better then her blank, dead look that she had for the last while. 

She's told me that her dreams have stopped entirely and her urge to write in the notebook is gone; something that I am very, VERY thankful for. 

I don't know if there are any kind of deities or what have you out there, but thank you all-the same. You're giving Lillith her life back; and hopefully now, we can get back to how we were before - I mean, relationship-wise. We can never bring Robert back, but at least he can rest easy now knowing that Lillith isn't going to share in his fate. 

I can rest easy now too; it seems the danger with Lillith is passed. I do know that I'm on The Weaver's shit list, but when he comes, I'll give him one hell of a fight. 

Call me brave, call me stupid, just don't call me late for dinner. 

...Okay, that was a bad joke. 

EDIT: Though, it does make me think what someone commented on in an earlier post I made about "conduits" and how they think I may be a conduit for Lillith. I'll clarify I'm not giving up on what the hell is going on, but I'm just...relieved that Lillith seems to be out of the danger zone.  


  1. Hey-- I'm happy for you. Even if it got you on this Weaver's shit list, there's nothing better than having someone. Keep updated, Mr. Smith. ^^

  2. Thanks, Lucia. And yeah, I don't care what kind of supernatural entity wants to fuck with Lillith - I'll stop it or die trying.

    It's nice to have someone to care about. :) And I will keep y'all updated - I'm going to be heading back home tomorrow briefly to get some clothes and such but I plan on staying here at Lillith's full time until she's back to 100%.

  3. That's the spirit. =) She's lucky to have a guy with chivalry!

    I'm going to keep sending you those well wishes, haha. They seem to be worth something.

  4. My thanks - it's funny how things are improving slowly but surely.

    It's also funny how so many people seem to read this and know what we're going through.

  5. You're kindly welcome.

    What, the Weaver shit? Or the relationship?

  6. Ach....well, that's a long story.

    To prevent my story from taking away from yours, though-- you can send me an email at Lucianna06@AOL.com. I'll tell you what you want to know and we'll chat, yes?