Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Heading home for the day

After having such a great week, I'm going to be heading back to my apartment to grab some more clothes, take a shower and the like, and help my parents tidy up. 

Lillith doesn't want me to go(poor girl) but her parents are going to keep an eye on her while I'm gone. I'll only be home for about half a day, but she's really insistent I don't go - I wouldn't go, if I didn't need to, but I need new clothes and I want to help my parents tidy up; so, I have no real choice but to leave for a few hours. 

Lillith sends her love to the Internet, by the way. She found out about this blog - and she thinks you're all "fuckin' amazing assholes"(her words, not mine) for putting up with our trials and struggles. 

Anyway - I'll be back later tonight. 


  1. Hey Smith, glad you and Lillith are doing well. Would it be worth staying in contact with Lillith (say, via text message) whilst you're gone, just so you can keep an eye on each other? Stay safe and keep us updated - we're all right behind you.

  2. I agree with zoidberg-- stay in constant touch with her while you're gone, just because. It's the best thing to do, for both of you.

    And aww, Lillith, we <3 you too.

  3. Oh, don't worry, I am in touch with her(sorry..just got back about 15 minutes ago. Am home now). She's sleeping right now, her dad told me.