Thursday, 5 July 2012

Smith'll be mad at me, but...

Hi, bloggers. 

I'm Lillith, Smith's ex-girlfriend-now-girlfriend again and the main point of his worries. 

He just got up to go to the bathroom so I decided I should say hello here. He's such a sweet guy, and he's doing everything he can for me. 

But I should say as you know; The Weaver doesn't like him being here. He still comes to my dreams from time to time, though not as bad as when I was alone. He says that Smith is "interfering" in his weaving and HE is getting "impatient." 

I know that He will come after him soon and I don't want him to. He already killed Robert and Smith is about the only friend I have left. I love him and I don't want him to be hurt. But at the same time, without him around, The Weaver comes and intrudes more and more it was terrible - when Smith was gone for half the day He just stood there, watching me with his...fucking no face. 

And when He does that thing with his head and it turns...fuck. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm so glad people out there know what's going on, and they know The Weaver is real, unlike almost everyone else living here. 

Smith believes me because of the dreams. The dreams are how they start; it takes a few weeks but then you start to see Him and write in the notebooks though Smith held out on the notebooks. See, that's how He starts to get to you - you write and let Him in and it makes things worse. 

But since Seb - er, Smith - hasn't written in the notebooks He doesn't have much control over him yet. Though he'll be even madder when I say this but Smith's told me about how the dreams with the bags are back. He also tells me how he's feeling so tempted to write in a notebook and it's taking him everything to hold back. He's so I wish I was. 

Anyway, I should go. We're going to go watch 21 Jump Street. 



  1. Hey Lillith - thanks for keeping us updated.
    How are things today?

  2. Zoidberg,

    It's Smith. Lillith is fine - and I was a bit peeved at her for mentioning my dreams, but it's my own fault for not mentioning them sooner.

    She's sleeping right now - we just ate Chinese again, lol.